Functional Creative Strategic Design

bespoke intuitive strategic design

Hey there! We're a multidisciplinary boutique studio focused on helping brands connect with their audience. Working with new and existing brands, we like to push conventional thinking, immersing ourselves in the creative process to develop functional intuitive strategic design.

Nothing arbitrary; just good ol' fashioned bespoke design. 


Great design, starts with innovative people.

It starts with the tastemakers, innovators and collaborators. And it starts with the trust of a forward thinking client. Established in 2006, Amie Harrison Design is a boutique multidisciplinary design studio brimming with passionate, innovative, exciting creatives. We love a tantalising brief, collaborating with compelling people to develop highly functional design outcomes with consistency and sensitivity.

So what does a multidisciplinary studio do? Well, everything from launching and promoting your brand through to interior design for your commercial or residential space. We love to collaborate; we have a team of dedicated creatives, suppliers, and industry experts ready to assemble for your project.

Based in Perth, Western Australia.
Collaborating with innovators worldwide. 


Here's a taste of what we can do for you.


  • development & research
  • brand & product naming
  • comprehensive style-guides
  • logos & brand marks
  • brand strategy & management
  • brand campaigns & application
  • retail & office environment design
  • photography

Print Design

  • stationery & promotional
  • publication design & production
  • packaging design & production
  • signage & vehicle graphics
  • uniforms & livery
  • event / exhibition displays


  • strategy & management
  • product development & selection
  • customer service protocols
  • internal communications
  • staff handbooks
  • trademark assistance
  • integrated marketing campaigns
  • communications /copy writing


  • website design & development
  • creation of website content
  • domain registation & hosting
  • electronic Newsletters (EDM)
  • preliminary SEO
  • social media development

Our Approach

Avoiding the banal like the bubonic plague, we conceptualise bespoke solutions to produce design outcomes that amplify your brand, product or service. Every project is fabulously unique, but our approach is largely the same.



Without attempting to be twee, this is the getting-to-know-you stage. We're like Sherlock (minus the high functioning sociopathy), scrutinising every aspect of your business with a critical eye. We question the question. And we listen to your needs, assessing your requirements both conceptually and practically to determine an approach that best suits your marketplace.

Creative Process

You've probably heard this term before. But don't worry, we're not lighting incense, chanting 'ommm' and evoking the design gods. We combine logic with ideation; exploring and experimenting all tangents; keeping an open mind and a non-dismissive attitude. We let the process take us to the weird and exceptionally wonderful, developing something that is truly unique.


Heading into the production stage is one of the most rewarding milestones in any project. It's where you get to see something ephemeral take form. We take the time to prototype, test, refine and get ready to take this baby out on the road. Frankly, it's a little bit exciting. 

Delivery & Review

Cue the fanfare! We aim to deliver your visual solution on time and on budget. But the job's not over yet. Like any good parent, we take the time to watch our baby grow. We're ready to shape, tweak, evolve and develop where needed, allowing your bespoke design to take flight.