Amie Mason (née Harrison)

Founder. Creative director. 
Graphic & Interior Designer. Illustrator. Funny lady. 

Amie. With wine. Happy Amie. 

Amie. With wine. Happy Amie. 


Who is this magical woman?

Amie Mason (née Harrison) is a graphic designer, creative marketing expert and business owner. With over 10 years of branding experience Amie is adept at finding creative solutions; nourishing that initial spark into a roaring fire.

Fresh from uni with an insatiable drive, Amie launched her eponymous studio in 2006, quickly building an enviable portfolio and developing a rapport with clients and suppliers.

Her designs have been published in the US and she has been a permanent fixture educating budding designers at ECU since 2008.

Always hungry for more, Amie has recently delved into the world of Interior Design, creating bespoke spaces for commercial and residential clients. Another string to her enthusiastically laden bow.


Bachelor of Design, Edith Cowan University - 2005
Associate Degree in Commercial Interior Design, Billy Blue - current